2000 -  ? (Spain)* (Translation below)


 Robert Smith is quite sure, Bloodflowers will mean the last launch of one of the most important 80’s group, sweeping away other formations which tried to explore in their remnants of gothic music, thanks to their enlarging personality embodied by the great Robert Smith, live image of a musician with a privileged sit in the music academy.

This last work arrives after 27 million sold records and it’s a perfect and well thought mixture of the whole artistic development since their debut in 1978; in a masterly way they present all their most characteristics sounds recorded in more than 20 years of career in an album that many people dare to catalog as the best of the group, maybe an audacity induced by the announced disappearance of Smith and company.

Bloodflowers is their 13th studio album and completes a trilogy started in 1982 with Pornography and continued in the 89 with Disintegration. Darkness, nostalgia, melancholy, sadness and other ingredients that after being mixed and consumed make you get goose pimples.

To get to the year 2000 there has been a history that started back in 1978 with a single called “Killing an Arab” which lead to their first LP called “Three Imaginary Boys” and to a tour that got them to be known next to other bands with the same dark tendency as the Davison (??). The key song of this debut was “Boys Don’t Cry” which had an important acceptance in USA reason why the album, after some touches, was renamed after it to achieve the American dream.

The shadow of desperation and distress will continue being the presentation card of the group in songs such as “Seventeen seconds” where a small window opened letting the light come in, followed by presentations in TV programs such as ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘Faith’ with the habitual producer at that time Mike Hedges. In 1982 Phil Thornalley was in charge of the production of Pornography where the predilection for gloom reached the unsuspected, although it oddly got to UK’s top 10.

It was in 1983 when a rapprochement to a more commercial circuit could be glimpse with the publication as a single of “The Lovecats” which turned to be the first single in the UK’s top 10. This commercial side reappears with the double album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me with hit songs such as ‘Why Can’t I Be You?’, ‘Catch’ and ‘Hot Hot Hot’. From that point on, the group returned gradually to their roots together with the producer Dave Allen, in works such as Disintegration and Wish (considered at that time as the best album of the group). Afterwards two live albums were released and some soundtracks done until the recording of Bloodflowers in the latest 98/99, farewell album of one of the most important formations of our times. Nothing will ever be the same.




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