2000 -  (Mexico)

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The Cures returns for its second air

 The cult group will visit the D.F. (Mexico City) this year.
By Ivan Carrillo - Reporter

During six years, millions of fans had to suffer the absence of a musical cure proposed by a group qualified like one of the most important of the last years, but in the beginnings of the year 2000 Robert Smith and The Cure, return to the scene with Bloodflowers. 

The band that recently completed 20 years of filling the silence with their avant-garde proposal, decided to return to the study to present nine completely unpublished songs and with them to pull up an ambitious person rotates international that will embrace the main cities of Europe, United States and Mexico.

 The representants of the group in our country commented during the presentation of "Bloodflowers". The Cure will present for first occasion in the México City, because they had previously only acted in the northern metropolis of Monterrey.

 The esplicación of the arrival of The Cure to the biggest city of the world, it is that the charismatic Robert Smith for some reason refused to travel by plane, but now he has left that aspect behind and for it will be possible that the "Deam Tour" be carried out on diverse nations.

Although the date and place have not still been confirmed, the representatives of Universal Music assured that the presentation has big possibilities to be carried out due to the desire expressed by the own Robert Smith.

 The disk "Bloodflowers" has been defined by the experts in musical matter, that it exhibits a coherence and emotional depth that it sometimes removes the encouragement and that The Cures delivery the best thing that knows how to make.

 Universal consider that "Bloodflowers" forms part of a trilogy that began with the launching of the disk "Pornography" in 1982 and that it continued with "Disintegration" in 1989. The characteristic of these works has been a constant movement through the introspection toward the imposing rage and the desperation without fail.

Translation by Hilda Lerin


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