November 1979  - Rockerilla (Italy)  (Translation below)
READING: Interview with Robert Smith (Cure)

Interview / Author M. Buda


Youíve had a nice success in Reading, were you expecting it?
Yeah. Frankly not. Itís mostly a very different audience than our usual one. Because of their age (above 25) and the music they prefer (the old hard rock). Anyhow, the kids close to the stage had made a hellish scene and all people had been heated up and started applauding.

When did you started playing together and where?
Weíre from Crawley, in Sussex, and we started on 1976, but only this year we started to have some success with Killing An Arab, which is the single that made us be somehow known, also because of its lyrics.   

What are they about?
About the murder of an Arab, but mostly I think it is instead a bit... about the absurdity of daily life. Thereís a lot of racism and violence in London. The rest of our songs also talk about life in big cities. For example 10.15 Saturday Night, Subway Song and Plastic Passion or Three Imaginary Boys, which is also the title of our first album. But we are in no hurry: weíre just in our twenties.

What do you think about the current English scene?
Donít even want to mention it. I donít like that childish competition that always comes out among bands. We sing and thatís that.

 Listening to Fire In Cairo, one might say it reminds of Shadows Of Night, because certain ĎEgyptianí or ĎArabianí atmosphere, similar to some sixties American punk bands. What do you think?
I donít know what to say. I donít even know the sound of those bands you mention. But all that stuff about the similarities is a game that many like to play with us. Frequently they like to put us inside the same bag with Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, the Prag Vec., nevertheless we have nothing in common with them. In fact, Throbbing Gristle is a band I don't like. In the same way, I donít understand any comparison with Devo or any other band still tied up to the model and the mentality of hard punk from three years ago. Perhaps the band we follow with more interest and care, being me or Michael Dempsey and Lol Tolhurst (bass and drums), are Scritti Politti and Public Image Limited. I believe Johnny Rotten has mainly done the right thing when he founded and then let lose the Sex Pistols. I have nothing else to say.

 How come youĎve never been in Italy yet?
Mainly for a reason substantially economic. Itís not easy to embark in a foreign tour. But I wouldnít exclude the possibility to go there soon. I know that some New Wave bands are currently making plans to go to Italy.

 THANKS to: Ernesto [Cheshire Cat (MFC)] for the TRANSLATION.