May 14, 1987  ~ Bravo (Germany)
"The Cure play cat and mouse"" (Translation below)

"The Cure play cat and mouse"

“Kiss me – kiss  me – kiss me” is the title of the new Cure album. Even opponents of the former gloom combo now have to admit that Robert Smith (guitar, voice), Porl Thompson (guitar, keyboards), Laurence Tolhurst (keyboards), Simon Gallup (bass) and Boris Williams (drums) have created their very own masterpiece with this double album. This might become a rock classic.
   And the Cure even managed to record these new songs in France within their own, personally unattained record time. Instead of 8 months or more as usual, it took Robert and his comrades only September, October and half of November 1986 for “Kiss me”.
   The Cure boss must have had a real rush of creativity in the studio. His mates could drop in at any hour – and Robert was already there, having recorded new ideas on tape. It's a small wonder – the singer is known as a notoriously lazybone and sad guy.
   But finally, Robert collapsed, as soon as the recording sessions were done. For three weeks non-stop, he hid away in his London apartment, devoured the works by Kafka and Camus and slept at least 16 hours each day.  
   Master Smith put much effort into making the video for the new single, Why Can't I Be You. The Cure dance themselves in wild costumes through the clip, with Robert dressed as a cat. He had been taking ballet lessons for four weeks for this performance. Only then did the choreography fit in exactly with the rhythm.  
   The South American tour in March turned out to be a real adventure trip. The band's popularity there beats everything else. Fans full of excitement pushed away the stage barrier in huge stadiums. At the hotel, the police even had to secure the band with panzer barriers from their completely mad worshippers.
   At one gig, Robert's silk coat went up in flames. One fan had hit him with a fire cracker which was a bit oversized.  
   The next time you'll be able to catch The Cure live, is going to take some time, unfortunately. They'll be touring Germany from the 25th of October until the 8th of November ... (orig. article by Hannsjörg Riemann)

pic on top: "The Cure in fantasy costumes. In the middle: Robert as a cat."
text left to Robert: "Cure Boss Robert Smith was born on 21.4.1959 in Blackpool."

A BIG  THANKS to: Ariel_Unbound  for the TRANSLATION. 





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