June -1987 Hit Krant (Netherlands)*  (Translation below)*


There were a lot of Robert Smith look-a-likes (fanatic fans) present that evening. Almost all of them got an autograph from their idol Robert, inbetween the recordings.

In the sociable countdown canteen, the five members of The Cure signed 3 countdown t-shirts. Especially for you!!

Together with Adam Curry, Robert presented the top ten from last week.


Robert Smith, Porl Thompson, Laurence Tolhurst, Simon Gallup and Boris Williams. They all come from a little town called Crawley. People from the record companies are not always pleased with them cause of their  bad behaviour. When the ‘boys’are not in the mood, there’s no way they are willing to pose ,give interviews or do photo shoots.  This time we were lucky, Robert, Porl, Laurence, Simon and Boris were extremely friendly. Besides an interviews (soon in this magazine) we were able to get them pose for some photo’s. 

And they were willing to sign 3 t-shirts. What do you have to do to win these exclusive shirts? Sent a postcard to Hitkrant, Postbus 152,1000 AD Amsterdam. Make sure you write in the above left corner: Countdown/TheCure T-shirt and give an answer to this question: What’s the name of the new Cure album which will be released at 25 May?  If you don’t wait too long with sending your answer to us you might win this t-shirt!

THANK: Freddy for the TRANSLATION.

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