1988 - (Germany)  (Translation below)
Robert Smith - now he's married! 

Robert Smith - now he's married! 

He, in typical “Dracula”-Make-Up, wearing a dinner jacket and trainers, and she is wearing a romantic wedding dress: this is how cult-boy* 
Robert Smith (29) from The Cure said “I Do” to Mary Pool - after a friendship of 15(!) years, at Worth Abbey in the English county Surrey. 
Their “reason” for marrying: Mary is expecting a baby. To be due in February.  Robert Smith: “I'm already so excited!”
 *“Kult-Bube” (orig.) = very strange expression. “Bube” actually means “rogue” or “knave”. Never heard this one before. Ever.
"If you publish this, please add some disclaimer that nobody should trust this mag, 
or even want to believe them, not even Fox Mulder ;)" Nika
Why you should never believe everything you read...

THANKS to: Nika for the TRANSLATION!



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