1990 (Germany) (Translation below)*

Top left photograph:
Can he still find the right strings? Despite his sweaty hobby, Robert still persuades fans to see him live.
Center photo:
Smith strengthens himself before he rises from the telly with a sip of lager.
Bottom left photo: Robert in the interview room- always full of alcohol.
Frontman Robert Smith: Lives to fall down.
He wanted to die at 25- and still works on it occasionally.
"I don't have what it takes to become old. I'll probably die." Cure frontman Robert Smith has said in many interviews. By "old", he means 25. He is, however, currently 31 and still living quite extravagantly. He gave up smoking in December of '84- perhaps that's why he drinks so excessively. To quote Smith, "It happens traditionally at the beginning of every tour. Everyone feels the need to drink as much as they possibly can. It helps hold the group together! We aren't roll models for our young fans."
His parents are both indignant and anxious, hoping Robert will one day express himself publicly against alcohol. Robert seems annoyed. "I know I often mess around with my life, but at least I do it carefully. At home when the Cure is not touring, I won't drink for weeks at a time: otherwise I would probably be dead!"