1992 RockMex (Mexico)* (Translation below)
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 The Cure in Mexico (3 pages)

The Cure

 It didn’t matter the mean but the aim

 Once more we had to leave the F.D. (Mexico Federal District –Capital-) to attend to a concert. We forgot, in fact, we had already made up our mind that they would bring them all here. But, did it worth it? Did it really worth it? We couldn’t know. And it all began as a big slave expedition lead by their guide to worship the last of the mythical groups, to worship an experience before death, before decadence, before ROBERT SMITH himself.

It all started in a not too published way; only the news that THE CURE was going to make a presentation in Monterrey was given; on the 16th of June. The response was immediate, the concert tickets sold out rapidly… depending on each budget plans for trucks, planes or trains were made… it didn’t matter the mean but the aim.

Days earlier the different transport’s tickets towards Monterrey were sold out; the majority of the people got theirs. The North Central saw off with a smile to everyone before the illusion of reaching the THE CURE magical ritual.

The 12 hour journey didn’t matter nor getting to a hostile city or the ‘sin’ of being a capital habitant… Everything was done for you, for you, ROBERT SMITH.

In the morning of Tuesday 16th Monterrey was flooded with outsiders, the city woke up amazed and flooded with thousand of young people dragged along by the contemporary culture and a passion worthy of everything. The local population didn’t seem to be aware of what was going to take place there. In fact, they didn’t. They didn’t know about the concert neither about the huge amount of people arriving.

The hole Tuesday morning was practically a very special communication, a very particular contact with our northern brothers. We were like two relatives that never met before (F.D. –Monterrey). Flooded the city of District habitants, Monterrey didn’t have the time to react violently, instead they hanged out a friendly hand… Fortunately, the well known slogan born in that part of the country: “Worship the native country… etc.”, seemed to have been buried even by the natives.

Completely surprised and with no time given to react there was no other solution than to reconcile. And so the streets were dyed black. Filled with sprayed hair, painted faces, black boots, madness and magic that only THE CURE was able to achieve. The 102ºF inclemency that fell over us didn’t matter. We were already there. It all started to worth the effort.

About forty thousand young capital people showed that peacefully coexistence is possibly and we gave Monterrey the chance to know us, to realize we aren’t as they think. They don’t like us for no reason, the opportunity for their young people to coexist with ours was given peacefully, with no disturb.

Everything was done, only the crucial part remained: the stadium was surrounded by half-light and nostalgia that could be touched, breathed, the very wind transported them. THE CURE was preceded by a group called THE CRANES, the same they had invited to open their tour and manages a similar music concept: heavy, obscure and chaotic.



 Remaining faithful to the habit of covering the most important rock concerts within the national territory we, the B.R. (??), were prepared to be part of one of the most memorable concerts of all times that took place in Mexican territory, the great band THE CURE was going to make its presentation in the New Lion University Stadium, yes, the cure live in Mexico!... The madness!...

A lot was rumored about which band would support the British; in the end, another English band would be honored:  THE CRANES which wouldn’t only open that night but during the whole tour.

The Cranes would initiate the hostilities with a much less crowded stadium than we and the organizers expected; around 25 to 30 thousand people who weren’t quite impressed at first by the majestic raised scenario; this floorboard is the father of every scenario seen in Mexico, how awesome!... its scaffolding easily reached the height of 67 foot, impressing!... We were watching the supporting group that was performing with a pretty acceptable sound, with a sharp punk, a vocalist with enough experience to catch the audience attention, The Cranes lasted 25 minutes the most in their set but enough to make clear why they’re the chosen ones to support the dark mother band.

The strong act was ready. The most impressing band which for its music, wardrobe and social purpose, has achieved to create a cult around them.

The group bothered to bring its own light and sound equipment, together with the mentioned huge scenario, with its gigantic columns on each side and everything settled for making the best showing off of the band commanded by the brilliant Robert Smith, main responsible of our trip down to this city to cover the recital; the good Robert is dreadful of flying.

Tonight’s Robert presents before us with his classic dressing style, all in black with raincoats and painted eyes and a bit heavy weighted; the image that he created and which hundreds of people carry and thousands of bands had tried to copy.

The Cure’s ritual was starting, the big mass immediately moved and the slam quickly came, the soccer field where the Northern Tigers play was going to be covered almost entirely with a sort of box-ring-like canvas, to avoid being damaged, over which several darks would fall down almost fainted. Imagine the temperature, hundreds of black dressed people slamming, you could easily find lack of air, hypnotizing music that traps you and won’t let you go. The band showed its great quality, the temperament of each one of its members. More than two and a half hours, three encores and an enormous ending worthy of the greatness of the band, its dense and thick discharge believe it or not destroys the forcefulness shown. Song after song and the impact of being in front of one of the biggest characters that the great rhythm created leads you to Fascination Street.

The Cure would offer the best of its material, the greatest hits would come one after the other with no resting periods, no mothers, The Cure let itself go during his set so quickly that there was no chance for anything.

The majestic scenario played its role, also the lights, everything exalting the performance of the queen of depressions band. The boys don’t cry when they kill an Arab and especially when the love song makes them feel like a man…! Robert and his hand’s histrionics indicating us the roads to follow, leading us through the paths of madness; The Cure transported us to the doors of their six different ways and bothered to place us again on firm land.

To sum up, a memorable concert in charge of one of the most heavy groups which achieved due to its depressing but beautiful music, the total recognition of its talent; the doses that Doctor Smith offered us would be fabulous, the cure to all our illnesses.

Thanks so much SABRINA for TRANSLATING!!!