The Cure in 1996

early 1996 - Robert with an EAR INFECTION.

96 Date Changes

Keyboard (USA)
Roger O'Donnell

On Small Wonder Label

May 1996  - Rockin On (Japan)
"The Cure"

Interview (5 pages)

May 1996
Rock & Folk (France)*

8-96 Rolling Stone (Aust)
"Britpop Survivors"

 1996 Bravo (Germany)*
"Bizarre Video from The Cure ROBERT SMITH as a killer"

1996 Victoria (USA)
Jane Seymour's Manor

1996- Tutto (Italy)
Ever closer together...


Robert bought 70 CDs

On The 13th Video
"Piggy Stardust"

9/19/96 Rolling Stone (USA)
Robert & Gavin (bush)

UK Show Advert

Gone Advert

Gone Advert

Q Magazine Article

Robert & Trent NIN
8-25-96 -  New Orleans, LA - (USA)

NME Article
Mint Car Ad

June 96 (UK)

Band Picture

German Article

Tour Advert

Show Tour Advert

Ticket Stub

Zillo 1

Zillo  2

12-3-96 Evening Standard (UK)
"Could you stomach life on the road?"

8-96 Vox (UK)
Lol Lawsuit