1987 -  7" - They'll Never Know (UK)

(autographed by Simon Gallup & Gary Biddles)
(collection of; POY)

Title: They'll Never Know
Format: 7"-Single
Record Label:  Lambs To The Slaughter - Prism Records
Catalogue No.:  LTS 22
Country of Origin: UK
Year of Release: 1987
Recorded at: The Slaughterhouse Studio [01] Muswill Hill Studio [02]
Written by: Biddles, McKeller, Thompson [01]Biddles, Curran, Gallup [02]
Engineered: Fools Dance, Colin Richardson [01]
Produced by: Fools Dance

01. They'll Never Know
02. Empty Hours

Gary Biddles (vocals) [01,02]
McKeller (guitar, keyboard) [01]
Thompson (drums) [01]
J.J. Burnel (bass) [01]
Simon. Gallup (bass) [02]
Curran (guitar) [02]
Howe (sax) [02]
Drummachine (drums) [02]