March 1987 - Cure News #1

Cure News One

March 1987

Cure news number one (after glastonbury...)

the u.s and canadian tour july 1986 was followed by european festivals in spain
and france thoughout august. the concert at orange was filmed for cinema
release. the rest of august was spent demo recording in france.
from september to mid-november the new material was recorded,
being mixed in the bahamas at the end of november. post production of
'the cure in orange' film commenced in december, running into the new year.
towards the end of january the album was mixed in belgium. in march they
set off on the south american tour of argentina and brazil...

love janie

cure questions and answers (by Robert) number one
when will the new album/single be released, what will the title be?
the next single will be called 'why can't i be you?' and is out in april. the album is called 'kiss me, kiss me, kiss me'and is out in may.

when will you tour, and where?
in march, argentina and brazil, then...?

where (pubs and clubs) do you 'hang out'?
which ever is the nearest to where we are at that particular moment.

who designs and makes the cure's suits - where can you buy them?
a boy called john flett made them. he is one of porl's friends, and was at collage at the time (late 1984 early 1985) but i think he's now a very trendy
designer...the suits were 'one-off's'.

what is your home address?
currently no fixed abode.

what hobbies do the band have?
boris rides his motorbike, porl takes photographs and generally arts it up, i read, simon plays computer games (in between searching for the perfect drink!)
, and laurence...umm...he is interested in spontaneous human combustion.
what are your favourite cure tracks?
i like most of them (!!!) but particularly: faith, sinking, accuracy, a forest, charlotte sometimes, the figurehead,shake dog shake, inbetween days,
if only tonight we could sleep...(a new one!) - these nine at the moment.

how do you get your hair to stick up?
kms gel and lots of backcombing

why did you get it cut?
'cos i got fed up doing the above!

who inspires you?
a million people who do or have done - from tommy cooper to baudelaire (or baudelaire to tommy cooper).

will the 'carnage visors' film ever be shown again?
it may become available as a cut-price video in the near future - if i could get hold of the copy glo made when we were compiling the 'staring at the sea'
video so i could watch it and see.

what make-up was used for 'in between days' video?
it was ultra-violet paint (i think!!!).

are you ever going to finish the ballet?
i have finished the music - it merely remains for nicholas dixon the choreographer to finish the movement.unfortunately he went missing in tokyo
two years ago - but i haven't lost hope.....

what happened to the book you were compiling?
'the book' (titled "ten imaginary years") is finished - almost (!), and should be out by the summer. it is the definitive 'history of the cure' - the real story!!!

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