autumn 1987 - Cure News #2

Cure news number two
autumn 1987


i hope you all managed to see the film and enjoy it as much as i did.  for those of you who asked. there's still no publishing date for the biography
'ten imaginary years', and as yet still no confirmed uk tour dates. hopefully, i'll be able to give you these dates with the next news sheet.

....returning from the much talked about south american tour in april for the release of 'why can't i be you?' and the premier, on 23 april, of
'the cure in orange' at the odeon marble arch in london. no time was wasted in heading north to newcastle the following day to perform 'catch',
'why can't i be you?' and 'hot hot hot' on the last ever episode of channel 4's 'the tube', with Roger O'Donnell joining the line-up on keyboards for the
first time. in may 'kiss me kiss me kiss me' was released to great critical acclaim worldwide, closely following by the release of 'catch'. just enough
time was allocated to perform the number on itv's new chart show, 'the roxy', before heading off to north america for an extensive six week tour.
and now....

love janie 
questions and answers number two
(all answers by robert)

in 1984 you stated you felt your days in the record world were numbered, in 1985 you said you felt happier with the current line-up than ever before
- how do you feel now?
very excited and very happy with the group. yes.

how did you all meet?
i met lol at school in 1964. Simon in a record shop in 1976. Porl in a record shop in 1976. Boris in america in 1984.

who argues with who in the band?
porl with lol. boris with lol. simon with lol, boris with porl

who causes the most trouble in hotels???!!!
lol and simon.

why did you write a song about a children's book (charlotte sometimes) ?
because i was obsessed with the basic idea in it of time shifting /feeling out of place.

what did you do on your birthday?

what's your favorite cure video?
in between days / a night like this.

what would you do in 'the last three minutes'?
cry or laugh; depending where i was and who i was with.

what would make you most happy?
a complete loss of memory? a workable world language?

do you believe in god?

who knits your jumpers?
my mum.

what happened to the band lol was producing ' and also the trees'?
they escaped him, and are still going, albeit quietly.

what do you mutter at the beginning of 'the caterpillar'
'sunday monday tuesday etc' with some days missing. why?

what have you got against capital letters?
nothing AT ALL i suppose.

what is your exact time of birth?
i think about 00:13 or something.

what was 'carnage visors' about?
no-one but ric, simon's brother, ever knew. and he never said.

in an interview you said there was going to be a 1/2 hour programme on channel 4 called 'simon's night out' - what happended?
we are still working on the finished script. it is a sort of game show...

what song do you like singing most when playing live?
'faith' and 'let's go to bed'.

what country in the world do you like touring the most and why?
everywhere is the same. sometimes good, sometimes not.

which era of the cure do you prefer musically?
now without question. and '17 seconds'.

who makes all the decisions in the group?
me!!! well sort of!!!

why are your singles always deleted as soon as they drop out of the charts?
i don't know.

do you tell the truth when answering questions???
umm...about 20 out of 25

what makes you happy?				
going to bed.

do you know any good jokes?
the cure are very smart!
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