September 1987 - Cure News #3



Cure news number three
September 1987


thanks for all your letters, suggestions and questions. i hope you find the enclosed questions and answer sheet informative; keep your weird and wonderful questions flooding in for the next edition.  other suggestions have been noted and where possible will be included in the future. i regret that i cannot publish lyrics (texts); to do so would infringe music copyright.

 ....returning from the north american tour at the end of august for a well earned rest...getting together in early september to shoot the video for 'just like heaven' at pinewood studios in england, under the direction of tim pope, and introducing Mary as a new star to the small screen. on 19 september simon did the decent thing and married carol in horley, surrey...and now a period of rest, followed by preparation for the european tour...

 love janie

the kissing tour
the european tour commences next month, confirmed dates are as follows

22 oslo
23 stockholm
24 copenhagen
25 hamburg
26 berlin
28 cologne
29 franfurt
30 bremen

1 brussells
2 brussells
3 lille
4 rotterdam
5 rotterdam
8 stuggart
9 zurich
11 paris
12 paris
15 toulouse
16 montpelier
18 barcelona
19 madrid
20 valencia
22 bilbao
24 marseilles
25 lyon
27 rome
29 florence
30 modena

1 milan
3 bordeaux
4 nantes
6 birmingham
7 wembley
8 wembley


cure questions and answers number three

(all answers by Robert)

whose lips and eyes are featured on the cover of 'kiss me kiss me kiss me'?
mine (photographed by porl and undy - parched art!)

did you write the following tracks with anyone / anything particular in mind?
a) faith
b) m
c) in between days
d) why can't i be you?
e) catch
f) the perfect girl
g) just like heaven

a) about a lack of and desire for faith, of any kind, in anything....
b) mary
c) mmmm....a secret!
d) anyone i meet and like!
e) no-one anyone would know...
f) the perfect girl
g) something that happened to me a long time ago - see the video!

in november 1982 you were interviewed on the kid jensen show - the interview was followed by a session consisting of 'let's go to bed' and 'ariel' - will this number ever be available? how many more tracks have you recorded that have never been generally released? would you consider releasing another 'curiosity' type extended cassette?
'ariel' will be released in some form soon - possibly on a solo ep to be recorded in february. nothing really is kept - if it's not released at or around 'the time' it is usually forgotten - and dies. but yes - another 'curiosity' tape will occur when we either release a live album or favorite re-mixed songs or something like that - not until next year at the earliest...

rumour has it that you are considering recording a cover version of 'what's new pussycat'
with bananarama - is this true? it might still happen - but it's not 'likely'.....

whose house is on the inner bag of 'three imaginary boys'?
bill smith's mum's (the designer).

why is 'three imaginary boy's' not available on compact disc?
because polydor have obviously preferred the 'boy's don't cry' album, and consider the 'three imaginary boy's' album too similar to justify release? ask them!

as the cure are one of the most frequently bootlegged bands, how do you feel about these illegal recordings? also, what is your reaction to unofficial merchandise?
bootlegs usually sound dreadful - but the group has no strong feelings one way or the other on the subject. unofficial merchandise is usually poorly designed - but the feelings here too, although more focussed, are still not strong.

why did you not include 'charlotte sometimes' on 'faith'?
because it was written and recorded several months after 'faith'.

when, how did roger join the line-up?
i wanted to have the option on less guitar playing / more singing and movement - so i delegated some parts to porl - he in turn needed someone to take over his role as keyboardist on stage. so roger, who boris met in 'the thompson twins' and who went on to join 'the psychedelic furs' - was asked to join. this took place in may. the last 'tube' (channel 4) was his first public appearance with the group, and he has adapted and slipped inside very well since!

what are mattieu hartley, michael dempsy, andy anderson and phil thornalley doing now?
matthieu is married and writes occasional radio advertising jingles. michael went on to play with 'the associates' and 'the lotus eaters' and is now writing occasional tv advertising jingles (i think?). andy is playing with zeke manyika (i think?) and phil has gone back to his first love - producing.

will a current version of 'the book of words' be published?
if undy ever compiles it, yes!! how wonderful that would be!!!

would you consider publishing sheet music?
some is published, but it's better to wait for the 'sheet music' book - after christmas - all approved and right!

 the cure have unwittingly been put in various categories over the years, from 'punk' to 'goth' taking in 'new wave', 'pop' and 'rock' along the way. if you had to select a category to fit into, what would it be?
love music!

having completed the south american, north american, canadian and european tours, where will you go next? - have you made any plans to tour australia, new zealand, south africa or japan?
not yet no - still under discussion....

please tell us about playing madison square garden (1987).
it was big and full and hot and loud and we played well and happily was good full stop.

what are your personal feelings about the fuss made over 'killing an arab' in the usa?
i felt the whole 'issue' absurd and unnecessary and i am relieved that it has been concluded (and forgotten?) imaginatively and intelligently and with mutual satisfaction....(almost...)

in your opinion, what is the best gig you've ever played?
there have been too many...but i think the best one this year (so far) was the second night at the forum in los angeles.

what's the worst thing that's ever happened whilst playing live?
lol on drums!

how would you describe each member of the band in one word?
simon - disturbed
porl - grumpy
lol - amnesiac
boris - vampiric
roger - verbal.

you've said in the past that your audience look more like you than you do!! - how do you feel about this?
i don't really believe that - it was a lie!

several journalists have accused you of copying other groups musical styles - do you think this is the case (either consciously or sub-consciously)?
yes, sometimes we have consciously or unconsciously, used other peoples styles or re-interpreted some-one else's ideas - but this is inevitable if you live in an absorbing world - it is not musical - it can be lyrical, magical or otherwise - and is not a bad thing (the bits picked up are usually wrong - anyway.) -(so, unbeknownst 'bananafish bones' sounds more like j.d.salinger than 'in between days' looks like new order....)

what do you think of the following chart acts?
a) the smiths
b) madonna
c) u2
d) bananarama
e) curiosity killed the cat.

a) i am delighted they no longer exist, and all it needs now is a runaway truck and morrissey looking
the other way..
b) it has to be someone doing it
c) as predictable as five star, and as boring
d) two out of three isn't bad....(?)
e) aaaagh!! non-entities inert...

will 'the cure in orange' be available on video? if so, when?
yes, but there's no release date as yet....

where were the following video's shot?
a) catch - in an old ladies house in cannes, south france
b) the hanging garden - somewhere in surrey - maybe lol would pretend to know?
c) charlotte sometimes - virginia waters asylum - disused - surrey.

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