January 1989 - Cure News #6

cure news six   january 1989


 thanks for your letters, and welcome to curenews 6. i hope you all had a great christmas. i'm sorry it's been so long since you last heard from me. to make up for it, this is a double issue! as you all probably know by now, Robert and Mary got married last summer, on 13 august at worth abbey in sussex. it was a beautiful day and a wonderful time was had by all. 

questions and answers number six

(all answers by Robert) 

what have you been up to all year? how's the album (s) coming along? any plans to tour early 1989?
writing songs, drinking, getting married, reading, rehearsing, writing songs, recording...the album "disintegration" is virtually completed; no tour plans as yet...

assuming your solo project is going ahead, do you plan to use session musicians on it?
no - it will probably be just me - maybe a couple of "guests"!

in retrospect, what do you think (remember!) of "the glove" project; musically, lyrically and in general?
the glove project was good deranged fun - an artistic indulgence - but i wish i had sung on all of it. musically it was fab, lyrically a bit patchy (severin bits - oops!), but overall i'm proud of it.

what do you think of siouxsie's "peepshow" album?
i think there are four good songs on it...it is a bit "samey" - maybe i've just grown away.

what are the background noises on "pornography"?
various television voices of people who happened to be on and annoying during that period of recording - germaine greer is the only one i can remember by name...

do you keep a copy of magazine articles about yourself?
my mum does! 

who made the finger puppets in the "close to me" video, where are they now?
glo - tim pope's old video company made them. we took them home. 

what is the song you play on the bandstand at the beginning of "staring at the sea"
it was called "i wish i was your mother".

where did you get your dresses from you wore on "les enfants du rock"? did you go out and buy them yourselves?
boris's girlfriend, cynde, made them for us at miraval. we chose the material!!!

was "simon's night out" a lie?
no. a dream...

what's the funniest thing lol has ever done?
pretend to be part of the group.

why do you all victimize lol?
because he is useless.

are you usually pleased with how your photos turn out?
no - very rarely - but it doesn't really matter.

what's your favorite guitar? how long have you had it?
my fender 6 string bass, i've had it since "faith" - mike hedges gave it to me. my other favorite is my fender jazzmaster "fish" guitar which i've had since "3 imaginary boys" (and had customized in 1985..)

what's your favorite venue acoustically / atmospherically?
paris bercy, or the la forum

what's the most embarrassing moment on stage?
there have been a millions - whenever i remember something about myself i hate (which isn't hard)

what do you do when you're afraid?
shake. then remember that i am afraid of nothing.

what's your biggest frustration?
getting old

what's the nastiest thing you've ever done to somebody?
disappointed them

describe yourself in two words
bemused. clear

if you could change anything in your life, what would it be?
my birth date

what is the one thing you'd never tell anybody (!!!)
ha ha!!!

are your parents proud of you?
i think so

when you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

would you like to return to your childhood

have you ever been to a fortune teller? if so, did it come true?
no. I've never been.

do you believe in ufo's

do you believe in ghosts

have you any phobias?
movement in the corner of my eye...

if a fairy granted you three wishes, what would they be?
to be 17 again, to be multi-lingual, to be able to read x 1000 faster than i can.

what would you do during "the four minute warning"?
cry - or laugh - depending who i was with

what habits do you have?
drinking, singing, lying.

what's the most unusual gift you've ever received from a fan?
a hammock!!!

what's your opinion of the british royal family?
they are dullards, a waste of time and money - but no more so than a million other things...

do you and Mary have nick-names for each other? if so, what are they?
i call her "m". she calls me anything she wants; it changes depending on what time it is...

when and how did you propose to Mary?
when we were in miraval recording the "kiss me" album. she thought i was joking! 

did you have a stage night? what happened?
no . i had a stage decade! what happened? nothing

 tell us about your wedding day
it was perfect. everyone shone and then fell over 

did you have a video made? who was the star of it?
yes - the group made it; Mary was the star of course!!!

what was your favorite wedding present? who gave it to you?
a platinum heart from Mary

what's the name of your tear-soaked teddy bear?

have you ever had a rubik cube? could you do it?
no - iv'e never had one or tried. there are much better and bigger puzzles

inspirations - "seventeen seconds" 
a reflection
this was to set a contemplative mood for the whole record
play for today
the fraudulent aspects of an insincere relationship
hopelessly wishing to have the courage to seize missed opportunities
in your house
feeling uncomfortable in someone else's presence but still always returning...
the eternal triangle
the final sound
mathieu's elegy
a forest
a childhood dream (nightmare) that came true with adolescence
about a girl...
at night
inspired by the kafka short story of the same name - the precursor to "faith"
seventeen seconds
an arbitrary measure of time - one that seemed to be suddenly everywhere once the song was written

(Text & photos from thecure.com)

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