November 4, 1983 - Play @ Home
Wonderland Office,  (UK)

 Robert Smith

This was taken on 4/11/83 in the then 'Wonderland" Offices in Old
Carthusian St, Barbican London, during the filming of Play At Home.

From the photographer:

"On the desk in front of Robert is his script (on top of typewriter) which he knocked out that morning! for the "
interogation' Scene in Play at Home. Aside him, is the Corona Bottle of Cream Soda, having just ate a bag of Cheese Savours (tiny biscuits!) that was his breakfast!
In front of him is one of the clown masks he used in the interrogation,...also there was Lol, and
Porl who was involved in that. I took the photo on a 110 instamatic...on top of typewriter is a copy of 'Punish Me With Kisses' 7'' which had yet to be released...

The state of the photo...Originally it was a
colour shot..I didn't take too many as I didn't want to be to intrusive..though I wish I had done now! However when I got the pictures from Play at Home done, I sent them down to the then manager Dave Woods...and never saw them again!...So I took a print off the neg years later...Now I don't have the negs...only this print!...So no one else has a copy of this!"

"....working with Robert was great, and ...I'm one of the few people to see the Glove play (ok mime to 'A Blues In Drag'). Robert was also messing on the keyboard in the Film
studio..within six months or so he'd released The Walk..with keyboards ( a major departure for The Cure)."
(scan submitted by SelkieDoula)