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A Chain of Flowers - SITE
 A Chain of Flowers - BLOG
GREAT Cure Forum
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A Foolish Arrangement
A Collectors Dream...
Last Updated (April/08)
The Cure Concerts Guide
The BEST collection of Cure Concert information
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A collection of records
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Impression Of Sounds
Beautiful and informative site.
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Forever Drowning
Data Base Site
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the NEW
MFC Cure Forums

Cure  Message Forums
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On Fiction
A great collection of records
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Flowers Of Love
Fantastic RARE videos and more
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Beach Of Stone
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Push (
ACure Fan Documentary
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Michael Dempsey
Ex-Cure members Web site

Roger O' Donnell
Ex-Cure members Web site

Porl Thompson
100% Sky - Porls Art

Tim Pope
The Cure's Video Director
Last Updated (Dec  2008)

Love Cats - VIDEO
InBetween Days - VIDEO
Close To Me - VIDEO
Boys Don't Cry - VIDEO
Just Like Heaven - VIDEO
Lullaby - VIDEO
Pictures Of You - VIDEO
Never Enough -VIDEO
Close To Me 90 - VIDEO
Friday I'm In Love - VIDEO
Wrong Number - VIDEO
Robert wearing Tim's Love Cats Shirt?
Robert in the studio "I Want To Be a Tree"
Lol in the studio "I Want To Be a Tree"
Letter from Robert 1992 High

Tim Pope (
LINK = Tim Pope's SITE - wonderful ramblings, diary, photos, memorabilia, articles.& Video clips...I  Want To Be A Tree.......
The Cure Concerts
the Original Cure Concert Site
Last Updated (2001)
Pleasure Fills Up My Dreams
Stefan's huge Postcard collection!
Last Updated (2002)
New Day
A great collection of Cure books!
Last Updated (2003)
French Cure fansite
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The Cure in France
Insight into CURE-MANIA!!
Last Updated (2003)

Fools Dance.DE
a Fools Dance Site
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The Cure Fan-Club Spain
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New Wave Photos
Amazing early photos. 106 of them!
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La Voix Du Silence
French Cure Book 
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After The Rain BOOK
NEW Cure Book 
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Charlotte Somtimes
Fan site

The Cure on VH1
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Fun CURE trivia
EIGHT Cure Quizzes (go and give it a try!!)
Last Updated (2004)

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08/04/1981  Mt Victoria Club (jam)  - Wellington, New Zealand
The Cure 1981The Cure 1981The Cure 1981

The Cure 1981 - WellingtonThe Cure 1981The Cure 1981