Tour Program
'The Head Tour'  - 1985 (USA) 

Cure People

Robert Smith - voice & guitar
Laurence Tolhurst - keyboard
Porl Thompson - guitar & keyboard
Simon Gallup - bass
Boris Williams - drums

Brian Grant - tour manager
Roger Measham - sound
Angus MacPhail - lights
Perry Bamonte - backline
Darryl Bamonte - backline
Bruno Brunning - backline
Bryan Olsen - monitors
Mick Klazynski - production manager
Management - Chris Parry

Travel - Trinifold
Lights - See Factor & Reggie scene Tele Scans
Sound - Brittania Row
Trucking - Chris Redburn
Coaches - Star Cruiser
Merchandising - Acme

The Cure

8th Sept .  St. Austell - Coliseum
9th Sept .  Poole - Arts Centre
10th Sept . Shepton Mallet - Showering Pavilion
12th Sept  . London - Wembley Arena
14th Sept  . Brighton - Brighton Centre
16th Sept  . Whitley Bay - Ice Rink
17th Sept  . Manchester - Apollo
20th Sept  . Birmingham - National Exhibition Centre
21st Sept  . Leeds - Queens Hall
22nd Sept  . Edinburgh - Playhouse

the Head on the Door

1976 Crawley, Sussex, various school friends form Easy Cure, a musical co-operative.

1977 Easy Cure continues intermittently with a fluctuating line up

1978 June, final evolution intro a trio: The Cure. Line up: Robert Smith guitar and voice; Laurence Tolhurst drums; Michael Dempsey bass. August, The Cure meet Chris Parry and sign to Fiction Records.

1979 January, 7" single "Killing an Arab/10:15 Saturday Night" (fics 001) released. March, UK club tour. May, album "Three Imaginary Boys" (fix 1) (cassette fixc 1) released. UK club/theatre tour. June, 7" single "Boys Don't Cry/Plastic Passion" (fics 002) released. October, The Cure are special guests on Siouxsie and the Banshees UK tour. Robert Smith double on guitar. November, 7" single "Jumping Someone Else's Train/I'm Cold" (fics 005) released. December, Michael Dempsey leaves The Cure. New line-up: Robert Smith guitar and voice; Laurence Tolhurst drums; Simon Gallup bass; Matthieu Hartley keyboards. UK and european tour. 7" single "I'm A Cult Hero/I Dig You" (fics 006) released. Cult Hero line-up: Frank Bell voice; Robert Smith guitar; Porl Thompson guitar; Simon Gallup bass. Janet Smith keyboards; Laurence Tolhurst drums; The Obtainers and others backing vocals

1980 April, 7" and 12" single "A Forest/Another Journey By Train" (fics 010) released. Album "Seventeen Seconds" (fix 4) (cassette fixc 4) released. US tour. UK Top of the Pops appearance. May, UK tour. June, European tour. July, New Zealand tour. August, Australian tour. September, Matthieu Hartley leaves The Cure. New line-up: Robert Smith guitar and voice; Laurence Tolhurst drums; Simon Gallup bass. October, European and Scandinavian tour. November, UK tour.

1981 7" and 12" single "Primary/Descent" (fics 012) released. April, album "Faith" (fix 6) (cassette - with "Carnage Visors" film soundtrack - fixc 6) released. UK tour. UK Top of the Pops appearance. May, European tour. June, US tour. July, New Zealand tour. August, Australian tour. September 7" and 12" "Charlotte Sometimes/Splintered In Her Head" (fics 014) released. ("Seventeen Seconds"/"Faith") "Happily Ever After" (A and M sp 6020) released US only.October, European tour. November.(?)

1982 April, 7" single "Hanging Garden/100 Years" (fics 015) released. 12" single "Hanging Garden/100 Years/ A Forest (live)/Killing an Arab (live)" not generally released: sold on tour. 7" double single "Hanging Garden/100 Years/A Forest (live)/Killing an Arab (live)" (ficg 015) released. Album "Pornography" (fix 7) (cassette fixc 7) released. UK tour. May, European tour. July, Simon Gallup leaves The Cure. September, flexipop magazine single "Lament" by Robert Smith not generally released. November, new line-up: Robert Smith guitar and bass and keyboards and voice; Laurence Tolhurst keyboards. 7" and 12" single "Let's Go To Bed/Just One Kiss" (fics 017) released. (Steve Goulding drums). Robert Smith joins Siouxsie and the Banshees as guitarist. Banshees UK tour. December, Banshees European tour.

February, Banshees Japan tour. March, Banshees Australia and New Zealand tour. April, Riverside ballet BBC2 "Siamese Twins" performance (Steve Severin bass; Venomettes violins). Oxford Road Show BBC2 "100 Years" and "Figurehead" (Derek Thompson bass; Andy Anderson drums). UK Top of the Pops appearances. Elephant Fayre, Cornwall, concert. August US tour. September, Banshees Israel tour. October 7" single "The Lovecats/Speak My Language" (fics 019) released. 12" single "The Lovecats/Speak My Language/Mr Pink Eyes" (ficsx 019) released. UK Top of the Pops appearances. December, album "Japanese Whispers" (singles nov 82-nov 83) (fixm 8) (Cassette fixmc 8) released.

1984 march 7" single "The Caterpillar/Happy The Man" (fics 020) released. 12" single "The Caterpillar/Happy The Man/Throw Your Foot" (ficsx 020) released. UK Top of the Pop appearance. April, Oxford Road Show BBC2 "Shake Dog Shake" and "Give Me It" (Norman Fisher-Jones bass). May, album The Top (fix 09) (cassette fixsc 09) (cd Polydor 821136-2) released. The Tube ch4 "Piggy In The Mirror" and "Bananafishbones". New Line-up: Robert Smith guitar and voice; Laurence Tolhurst keyboards; Andy Anderson drums; Phil Thornalley bass; Porl Thompson guitar and keyboards. Robert Smith leaves Siouxsie and the Banshees. UK tour. June, European tour. August, Rock Around The Clock BBC2 live concert. October, album "Concert:The Cure Live" (fixh 10) cassette - with "Curiosity: Cure Anomalies 1977*1984" (Fixhc 10) (cd Polydor 823682-2) released. 12" only single "A Forest/Charlotte Sometimes" released. New Zealand and Australia and Japan tour. November, US and Canada tour.

1985 new line-up: Robert Smith guitar and voice; Laurence Tolhurst keyboards; Porl Thompson guitar; Boris Williams drums; Simon Gallup bass. July, 7" single "In Between Days/The Exploding Boy/A Few Hours After This" (fiscx 22) released. 12" single "In Between Days/The Exploding Boy/A Few Hours After This" (ficsx 22) released. European festivals in Spain, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Finland. August, UK Top of the Pops appearance. Album "The Head on the Door" (fixh 11) (cassette fixhc 11) (compact disc cd 827 231-2) released. September, 7" single "Close To Me/A Man Inside My Mouth" (fics 23) released. 12" single "Close To Me/A Man Inside My Mouth/Stop Dead" (ficsx 23) released. 10" single "Close To Me/A Man Inside My Mouth/Stop Dead/New Day" (ficst 23) released. UK tour. October, US tour. November/December, European tour.

Robert Smith---

Full name: Robert Smith
Date of birth: 21 April 1959
Height: 5ft 10ins
Weight: 11 stone
Colour of eyes: blue (sometimes grey)
Town of origin: Blackpool
Educated: sometimes
Qualifications: Some "O" levels, some "A" levels
Hobbies: All below and more
Likes: Sleeping, preferably 16 hours at a time
Dislikes: Waking, Mad Bob.
Previous jobs: Christmas postman 1977
Favourite food: Vegetarian
Favourite drink: Tequila Sunrise, cold lager, cold milk, earl grey tea
Favourite music: classical
Favourite bands: Joy Division, New Order, Echo & Bunnymen, Banshees!
Favourite films: 2001, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Eraserhead, Apocalypse Now, Taxi Driver, Mad Max II, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Favourite tv: News, Dallas, Minder, Sky At Night, Late Night Film
Favorite actor: De Niro, Nicholson, Gibson, Curtis, Lemmon, Matthau
Favourite actress: Steadman, Monroe, Divine!, A. Hepburn, Bow, Leigh, Davis, Crawford, Kinski, Poole.
Favourite books: "Les Enfants Terribles" Cocteau, "Gormenghast Trilogy" Peak, Malagor
Favourite author: Camus, Kafka, Peake, Cocteau, Salinger, Thomas
Favourite team: Brazil, player: Glen Hoodle
Best Live Show seen: Tommy Cooper

Lol Tolhurst---

Full name: Laurence Andrew Tolhurst
Date of birth: 3 February 1959
Height: 5ft 10ins
Weight: 10 stone
Colour of eyes: brown
Town of origin: Horley, Surrey
Educated: yes
Qualifications: yes
Hobbies: no. gardening
Likes: yes, swimming
Dislikes: yes, dishonesty
Previous jobs: yes, two
Favourite food: Japanese, anything exotic
Favourite drink: Irish whiskey
Favourite music: impossible!
Favourite bands: Echo and the Bunnymen, etc. etc.
Favourite films: any with Jack Nicholson
Favourite tv: try not to watch it! (snooker)
Favorite actor: Jack Nicholson
Favourite actress: Natassia Kinski
Favourite books: impossible!
Favourite author: D.M. Thomas
Favourite team: Manchester United
Hero: Jade Knipe (German Anarchist)
Heroine: Porl
Most admired person and why: my friends
Best Live Show seen: impossible! (life)
Best experience: reality
Worst experience: reality

Paul Thompson---

Full name: Paul Stephen Thompson (Porl for short)
Date of birth: 8 November 1957
Height: 5ft 7ins
Weight: 9 stone 4 pounds
Colour of eyes: green
Town of origin: Merton
Educated: yes
Qualifications: none
Marital status: happy
Children: none
Pets: Jack Russel named 5 mins
Hobbies: camping
Likes: dreaming
Dislikes: most things
Previous bands: Exotic Pandas & A Lifetime of Trials
Previous jobs: none that I can remember
Favourite food: cheese
Favourite drink: tea
Favourite music: Mahler, most chamber music, Eno
Favourite bands: Captain Beefheart
Favourite films: old black & whites
Favourite tv: watching old films and most Channel 4 programmes
Favorite actor: Dirk Bogarde, Gregory Peck
Favourite actress: Doc
Favourite books: all Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland
Favourite author: D.M. Thomas
Hero: none
Heroine: Simon in stockings
Most admired person and why: Janet, because she still puts with me
Best Live Show seen: Demon drummers of Kodo
Best experience: 1st cup of tea of the day
Worst experience: last cup of tea of the day

Simon Gallup---

Full name: Simon Johnathon Gallup
Date of birth: 1 June 1960
Height: 5ft 11ins
Weight: 11 stone
Colour of eyes: brown
Town of origin: Horley
Educated: Balcombe Road Comprehensive Horley
Qualifications: none
Marital status: none
Children: none
Pets: none
Hobbies: games on TV computers and buying groceries/drinking
Likes: ice & vodka & grapefruit
Dislikes: catching trains & lack of ice
Previous bands: Mag Spys/Fools Dance
Previous jobs: plastics mould dipper
Favourite food: Indian/cheese and tomato rools
Favourite drink: vodka and grapefruit with lots of ice
Favourite music: The Cure, Kate Bush, some New Order, John Martyn, Nick Cave
Favourite bands: Kate Bush, The Cure
Favourite films: Peter Pan/Irma la Douce/Star Wars/First Blood/Willy Wonka
Favourite tv: Catweazle/Bullseye
Favorite actor: Mel Gibson sometimes/Roy Kinnear in Willy Wonka
Favourite actress: Carrie Fisher
Favourite books: Peter Pan/Something Wicked This Way Comes
Favourite author: Ray Bradbury, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Hero: Wolverine
Heroine: Judge Anderson
Most admired person and why: -
Best Live Show seen: Genesis in 1973
Best experience: The Cure
Worst experience: planes/godstone fair/this plane is shaking

Boris Williams---

Full name: Boris Bransby Williams
Date of birth: 24 April 1958
Height: 5ft 10ins
Weight: 10 1/2 stone
Colour of eyes: brown
Town of origin: Belgrade
Educated: Earnley School Chichester
Qualifications: 4"O" levels
Marital status: single
Children: none
Pets: none
Hobbies: riding motor bikes
Likes: cricket, sleeping, travelling, sunshine
Dislikes: red tape, officialdom, cold, waking up
Previous bands: T.Twins, Kim Wilde, Tomatoe City
Previous jobs: planting Xmas trees, making nuts & bolts
Favourite food: lettuce with French dressing
Favourite drink: Coke
Favourite music: depends on mood
Favourite bands: depends on mood
Favourite films: Sir Henry at Rawlinsons End
Favourite tv: Sony 14" portable
Favorite actor: Gerald de Pardieu (sic), Alistair Sim
Favourite actress: Lauren Bacall
Favourite books: science fiction
Favourite author: -
Hero: Daffy Duck
Heroine: Cindy
Most admired person and why: don't have anyone I admire that much
Best Live Show seen: Mothers of Invention at Royal Festival Hall
Best experience: spending a year travelling in India
Worst experience: spending a year travelling in India

Here's the competition...

Draw or paint or make a picture any way you want, or write (or anyway you want) a poem with one of these titles:

1. Shame
2. Three
3. Head
4. Self
5. Murder

and we'll pick our favorite 5 pictures and favorite 5 poems, and the 10 winners will receive their very own personalised, unobtainable, and very limited edition (ie. 10!) tour sweat shirts!

plus our 2 very favourite poem and picture makers (one of each) will get a completely unique, specially made cassette of us singing the song of their choice!

So send something yum! now to

The Cure Club
Acme House
26-40 St Sndrews st
Northampton U.K.

along with your name and adress.

We The Cure X


Hope you enjoyed the programme...
(bit stuck now...)
(a temperature problem?)
We are back on tour again for the first time this year, and with a new line-up...the best one ever!
We spent most of 1985 making demos of new songs in January and February, and talking about them in March. Then, through April and May we recorded "The Head on the Door" lp and in June we went on holiday round Europe and played the odd July we made a sockadelic video and had our photographs taken and released "In Between Days' as a single, and in August did the same thing for "Close To Me".
Now we're finishing off the rest of this year by playing out in the UK, USA and bits of Europe: and we hope it's it gets you like it gets us?
(where's the blanket?)
lots of love and
The Cure X