Tour Program - 1989  "The Prayer Tour" (USA)


A list of
my favorite...
the next 27 times are...
Day of the year is always today
Party song is "Don't Get Me Wrong" by the Pretenders
Part of my body is the tip of my tongue
Wooden object is my fish guitar
Most missed thing is my childhood
Dream is falling
Pattern is polka dots
Event is the World Cup
Thing to do first things in the morning is sleep
Thing to do last thing at night is smile
Communist country is Russia
Dictatorship is heaven
Democracy is all democracy
Jewel is the fire opal
Animal is a cat
Flower is a forget-me-nots and bluebells
Drink is cold cider at sunset
Taste is vanilla
Reflection is clouds and stars in water
Meal is prawn sag
Building is Notre Dame cathedral
Artist is Chagall and M
Sportsman/woman is George Best
Comic is Elektra Assassin and Deathlok
Time of the year is october
Dog is a border collie
Favorite is forever


Favorite day of the year - Christmas Eve
Favourite party song - Atmosphere by Russ Abbott
Favorite part of my body - Shoulders
Favourite wooden object - snooker cue
Favourite most missed things - kegs
Favourite dream - rolshach
Favourite pattern - rolshach
Favourite event - Christmas
Favourite first thing in the morning - watch Going for gold
Favourite last thing at night - read
Favourite communist country - Russia
Favourite dictatorship - Don't know
Favourite democracy - most
Favourite jewel - ruby
Favourite animal - dog
Favourite flower - rose
Favourite drink - vodka
Favourite taste - chilli
Favourite reflection - kegs
Favourite meal - chicken phall cheese + tomato roll
Favourite building - the house in which I live
Favourite artist - Brian Bolland
Favourite sportsman/woman - Alan Smith, Paul Merson, Jimmy White
Favourite comic - Hell Blazer, Swamthing, V for Vendetta
Favourite time of the year - Autumn
Favourite dog - Heinz 57
Favourite favorite - favourite animal


My favourite is....

Not new years eve/day
Party song/"Knees up Mother brown"
Part of my body/eyes
Wooden object/Lol
Missed thing/parents
Dream/having a time machine
Event/last day of school ever
To do first thing in the morning/turn over
Last thing at night/watch telly
Communist country/Cuba
Reflection/piles of present in a christmas tree ball
Meal/McDonalds, Kentucky, Fish & Chips
Building/ Guggenheim Museum New York
Artist/David Hockney
Sportsman/Ayrton Senna
Comic/Tv Century 21
Time of year/Autumn
Favourite/going shopping

What the Cure have been doing since their last concert in London last december 1987...

In January 1988 the group had a holiday at home after the previous 5 months of touring - and then spent February thinking...
March was spent writing and April thinking, writing and dancing...
In May the group went out together to talk...
and in June they rehearsed 40 songs under the umbrella title "Disintegration"...
July saw the group back home again to think and write some more until meeting up again in August to dance write think drink and puzzle...
The 30 songs that passed were rehearsed again in September and in October everyone met up with Dave Allen at Outside Studios in Berkshire -
The recording of 19 songs went on through November and finished with 10 days of mixing in December in Rak Studios in London...
Christmas brought fresh perspective and a January 1989 13 days further mixing with February spent planning concerts and fixing artwork...
March was enjoyed doing videos, interviews and photographs, and April led everyone tumbling into rehearsals into May into... this...

Love Robert


My favourite day is tomorrow
Favourite party song is "Bobbing up and down"
Part of my body my scorpion tattoo
My favourite wooden object is my big happy cockrell
Most missed thing is time with Dock when I'm away
Dream swimming in a deep blue sea in the sun
Pattern is kashmir paisley
My favourite event is sunset
Things to do 1st thing.bath
Things to do last things.bath
Communist country...cashews
Jewel.....rain drops in morning glory
Animals...(drawing of rabbit) (drawing of pig)
Flower....lillies - daisy
Drink.....tea as always
taste....cari (...?)

Reflection....Summers in our tent
Meal.....Granada special
Building home sweet home
Artist...Man Ray
Sportsman...Jimmy White
Comic...2000 AD
Time of the year spring/winter
Dog "Raggs"
Favourite favourite....Dock


My favourite:

Day of the year is June 21st
Party song is "Happy Birthday To You"
Part of my body is my arm (the left one)
Wooden object is my big oak table
Most missed thing is my trainset
Dream is flying
Pattern is moiré
Event is a Cure concert
Thing to do first thing in the morning is to go back to sleep
Thing to do last thing at night is to make spoons
Communist country is Transylvania
Dictatorship is Britain
Democracy is Russia
Jewel is aquamarine (?)
Animal is my dog, Cara
Flower is a snowdrop
Drink is red wine
Taste is bittersweet
Reflection is the water
Meal is dinner
Building is Chartres
Artist is Matisse
Sportsman is Ian Betham
Comic is Allistair Simms
Time of the year is Summer
Dog is the Irish Wolfhound
Favourite is playing in the Cure


Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Boris Williams
Porl Thompson
Roger O'Donnell

Chris Parry - manager/Fiction Records
Malcolm Ross - tour manager
Nick Belshaw - assistant tour manager
Brian Adsett - security

Mick Kluczynski - production manager
Robbie Williams - production manager/site co-ordinator
Bryan Olson - assistant production manager & monitors
William (Pitso) Pirio - stage manager
Roy Benneth - lighting director
Robert Colby (Cubby) - front of house engineer
Bruno Brunning - keyboard technician
Clive Brinkworth - guitar technician
Perry Bamonte - guitar technician
Tom Wilson - drum technician
Milan Rakic - lighting crew boss
Phil Broad - rigger
Rodney Johnson - lighting technician
Dougie Brandt - lighting technician
Justin Collier - lighting technician
Graham Osbourne - lighting technician
Gary Westcott - vari-lite operator
Tom Nutly - vari-lite technician
Dick Webber - P.A crew boss
Jerry Fradley - P.A crew
Russ Emery - P.A technician

Trucking & buses - Ego Trips: Jim Bodenhiemer
Sound - Maryland Sound Inc.
Lighting - Light and Sound design
Vari-lite - Vari-lite
Booking agents - ITG
Travel agent - Laura Giantonio for Modern Travel
Merchandising - Bruce Fingeret for Bockrum Company New York, Toronto, London, Sydney
Accountants - Malvin Egstein, Cpa

Design: Parched Art
Photos: Bruno Brunning - Derek Ridgers