Tour Program
1992  "Wish Tour"

Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Porl Thompson
Boris Williams
Perry Bamonte

Tour manager - Malcolm Ross
Tour director - Robbie Williams
Assist tour manager - Bruno Dean
Security - Brian Adsett
Fiction - Chris Parry
Stage manager - Howard Hopkins
Foh sound engineer - Jon Lemon
Lighting designer - Leroy Bennett
Monitor engineer - Bryan Olson
Vari-lite operator - Gary Westcott
Guitar technician - Clive "Binky" Brinkworth
Guitar technician - Jeremy "Jez" Webb
Keyboard technician - Tom Wilson
Drum technician - Les Cole
Lighting crew chief - Steve "Stoner" Rusling
Projectionist - Tim Dunn
Vari-lite technician - Tom Nulty
Rigger - Phil Broad
Carpenter - James "Pym" McGovern
Sound technician - Gerry Fradley
Sound technician - John James
Sound technician - David Bracey
Lighting technician - Mark England
Lighting technician - Graham "Oz" Osbourne
Lighting technician - Gary Rees
Lighting technician - Chris Orr

Tour direction - Robbie Williams Production
Sound (pa) - Britannia Row Production
Sound (monitors) - Firehouse Production
Lighting & set design - Leroy Bennett
Lighting & set - Light & Sound Design
Vari-lites - Vari-lite
Trucking (UK & Europe) - Redburn Transfer
Trucking (USA) - Stagecall
Busses (UK & Europe) - Phoenix
Busses (USA) - Stagecoach
Outdoor Staging - Mountain Productions
Freight - Rock-it Cargo

Booking agent (UK & Europe) - Primary Talent
Booking agent (USA) - ITG
Programme/shirt art - Parched Art
Programme studio photographs - Paul Cox
Programme live photographs - Steve Whitfield
Merchandise - Brockrum

Name - Robert
Nickname - Robin
D.O.B - 21-4-59
Birthplace - Blackpool, England
Likes - sea, twilight, dreams, silence, understanding
Dislikes - ignorance, prejudice, bigotry, gossip, religion
Hobbies - reading, writing, staring into space
Food - rice crispies, prawn dhansak, barbeques cherries
Drink - jumilla, coors, vitamin d enriched milk, cloudberry, earl grey tea, fresh grapefruit juice
Animal - cats and tiggers
Place - bed, a cliff top, in front of an open fire
Experience - love
Saying - ummmm...what I was going to say?
Word - swell
Feeling - like my head is going to burst
Dream - flying/falling
Joke - "Doctor, my brother thinks he's an orange can you help him?"
Childhood memory - hiding up trees...learning things
Perfect moment - a kiss
Desirable object - a warm & soft & smooth thing
Person - M
Item of clothing - baggy black jumper & tight black dress
Film - Raging Bull; Apocalypse Now; The Tenant; 2001; Brazil; Altered States; Taxi Driver; Mary Poppins; Eraserhead; Star Wars; and on...
Tv show - Question Time; Sunday Match; Mary Whitehouse Experience; Married With Chilldren; Morse
Actor/Actress - Robert de Niro; William Hurt; James Woods; Joe Pesci; Peter Sellers; Richard Burton; Robert Duval / Marilyn Monroe; Audrey Hepburn; Beatrice Dalle; Sigourney Weaver; Bette Davis
Book/Author - Gormenghast trilogy Mervyn Peake; Darkness at Noon-Arthur Koestler; The Eye of the Storm-Patrick White; Catcher in the Rye-J.D.Salinger; A Happy Death-Albert Camus; The Bell Jar-Sylvia Plath; Nausea-J.P.Satre (sic); The Narnia Chronicles-C.S.Lewis; Siddhartha-Hermann Hesse and on...
Band - Ride; Curve; Dinosaur Jr; MBV; Cranes; Mazzy Star; Start Turn; Jamc
Song - All along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix (live at the Isle of Wight), Jerusalem, Somewhere over the Rainbow
Classical piece - Gayaneh Ballet suite (Adagio); Khatchaturian
Music promo - Sinead O'Connor-Nothing Compares 2U; Sugarcubes-Birthday
Line from a song - "Don't you know that it's worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart"
Cure track - Faith/End
Perry My Friends
High - I wish
Wish - to be more

Name - Simon Gallup
Nickname - Soz/Subbie/Bub
D.O.B - 1-6-60
Birthplace - Duxhurst, near Horley, Surrey
Likes - pubs/talking/reading/listening/some children (especially Ed)/Bruno (?)
Dislikes - people who dress up as Charlie Chaplin at fancy dress parties
Hobbies - snooker/drinking/reading/cycling (sometimes)
Food - cheese/chicken phall/toast & marmite/bacon sandwich
Drink - lager/white wine/coffee (Mr Health)
Animal - dog/mole
Place - Ireland
Experience - Eden being born; recording "Friday I'm in Love"
Saying - well it's the same as that/are you sure
Word - bloon/poppins
Feeling - warm in a cold sort of way
Dream - mainly cak at the moment
Joke - the debonaires
Childhood memory - being hit over the head with a tree trunk
Perfect moment - Eden being born/being in a pub
Desirable object - never desire any
Person - Eden/and the rest of the Cure/tank girl
Item of clothing - leggins/baggy top/tank girl boots
Film - Withnail and I/Dream Child/A Summer Story
Tv show - Only fools and horses/Poirot/Coronation St/Start Trek/Sunday match
Actor/Actress - Imogen Stubbs/Liam Neeson/Mickey Rourke (sometimes)
Book/Author - Matilda/The French lieutenants woman/Agnes Grey.
Band - us (Mr big head)/Ride/My Bloody Valentine
Song - Feed the birds from Mary Poppins
Classical piece - The Middle passage from Jupiter
Music promo - don't really see any
Line from a song - tear out the pages with all the bad news
Cure track - Doing The Unstuck/Friday/From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Perry Robert, Perry, Porl and Boris are people who I can spend six months locked away with and still exciting to see in the morning
High - apart from something bigger
Wish - the time when everything just clicks

Name - Porl Thompson
Nickname - Poz
D.O.B - 8-1-57 (sic)
Birthplace - Merton
Likes - little moon
Dislikes - eating
Hobbies - walking
Food - pizza
Drink - tea
Animal - snudge
Place - below the new moon
Experience - the whispering knights of joy
Saying - most bodacious
Word - moon
Feeling - riding my motorbike
Dream - kissing salamander
Joke - being a number at the d.n.a
Childhood memory - orange world
Perfect moment - coming up
Desirable object - Harley 883 sportster
Person - Doc
Item of clothing - big black baggy t-shirt 15 yrs old and smelly
Film - performance
Tv show - Harry Enfield; Simpsons
Actor/Actress - we are all actors
Book/Author - last book read; Journal of a sad hermaphrodite, excellent
Band - incredible string band; Captain Beefheart; Led Zeppelin
Song - The Eye of Fate (i.s.b)
Classical piece - Adagio by Barbere (The Pearlfishers)
Music promo - Ice Cream for Crow-Captain Beefheart
Line from a song - I know nothing and know that I know nothing
Cure track - dont know, Never Enough?
Robert - workaholic
Simon - dedicated
Perry - enjoying himself
Porl - lost
Boris - a good friend and most excellent drummer
High - the moon
Wish - to see the moon in full from every corner of the world

Name - Boris Williams
Nickname - the count
D.O.B - 24-4-51 (sic)

Birthplace - Versailles
Likes - sleeping, motorbikes, swimming, eating, walking
Dislikes - getting up, hurrying, cold
Hobbies - motorbilkes, snorkelling, swimming
Food - fish, raspberries, green salad, curry
Drink - kingfisher beer, kir royale
Animal - elephant
Place - Italy
Experience - travelling
Saying - you silly clown
Word - procrastinate
Feeling - feint
Dream - being swallowed by a lion
Joke - whenever I'm awake
Childhood memory - losing my plastic saxophone on the beach
Perfect moment - in front of a log fire on a cold wet windy night
Desirable object - Ducati 851
Person - Caroline
Item of clothing - Nigel Hall wool jacket
Film - Cinema Paradiso
Tv show - Cheers
Actor/Actress - Robert de Niro/Jodie Foster
Book - The Drama of Being a Child/The Naked Lunch
Author - Alice Miller/Dostoyevsky
Band - P.J.Harvey/Nirvana/Cocteau Twins/Miles Davis/Mothers of Invention
Song - Singing the Blues-Guy Mitchell
Classical piece - Mozart's requiem
Music promo -
Line from a song -
Cure track - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Robert - master of disguise
Simon - crunchy in a chewy sort of way
Perry - don juan
Porl - the doormouse wakes
Boris - the silly clown
High - ho
Wish - and weep

Name - Perry
Nickname - Teddy
D.O.B - 6-9-60
Birthplace - London
Likes - honesty
Dislikes - irony
Hobbies - music
Food - Italian
Drink - French
Animal - elephant
Place - bed
Experience - this
Saying -
Word - yes
Feeling -
Dream -
Joke -
Childhood memory - fishes
Perfect moment - waiting
Desirable object -
Person - girlfriend
Item of clothing - the t-shirt
Film - Fellini, Visconti, Truffaut, Kubrick, Bergman. (arty, b/w, subtitles, incomprehensible; but also Star Wars)
Tv show - things I watched as a child
Actor/Actress -
Book - German authors
Band -
Song - British music (+Leonard Cohen)
Classical piece - Italian music
Music promo -
Line from a song - too many
Cure track - Figurehead
Robert - Robert
Simon - Simon
Perry - who?
Porl - Porl
Boris - Boris
High -
Wish - possible things - but there's always a price