1981 - Official Cure newsletter -  'The Clinic' - Number 5

cover - (What is this from?/who took it?)

(Primary - Little girls. = Left. Dani Parry (Chris Parry's Daughter ) )

(Vizzo? )

(The Photo with us (Myself,, Robert and Simon by some fairly mundane windows I think is The school (St Wilfrids ) that Robert and I went to!) "Lol T"

(ACAG/FP (What are the two ABOVE photos?)

(Doubt (What is in the ABOVE photo?)

(Faith - Who took this photo?)

(Beach photos taken at Brighton beach)


hello  Can you help me?

With some of the questions....inbetween the pages...

Do you know how many Clinic newsletters came out?

Did The Cure have a newsletter in 1982-1984?

thanks so much


1979 - Cure newsletter  - "The Clinic' -
 Number ONE

1979 - Cure newsletter  - "The Clinic' -
Number TWO

1980 - Cure newsletter  - "The Clinic'  -
Number THREE

1980 - Cure newsletter  - "The Clinic' -
Number FOUR

1981 - Cure newsletter  - "The Clinic' -
Number FIVE

 (Ric Gallup thanks so much for giving these to me)

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