The Cure in 1985

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Simon with BIGGER hair than Robert!!!

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V.1 1985' Official Fan Club

V.2 85' Official Fan Club Newsletter

V.3 85' Official Fan Club Newsletter

85 Cure Club form


1985 -  (Germany)*
"Alive and Kicking!"

3-85 Zig Zag (UK )
Coy Boy
5-85 Fools Mate  (Japan)

7-27-85 No. 1

9-14-85 NME

August 17, 1985 - No 1 (UK)
"Dancing in the Dark"

9-1985 - Smash Hits (UK)
"This Man is Perfectly Normal"

9-85  RM (UK)
 "RS Gets Cheeky"

10-85  the Face (UK )
 "A Suitable Case For Treatment"

10/1985 - Looking (UK)
Can you take The Cure? - (Article)

10-85 Smash Hits (UK)
"I'm filled with an overwhelming desire to die"

October 1985 - OOR (Holland)*
"The Cure’s Frustrated Choir Boy"

November 1985 - Libération (France)
"Le Journal de Mister Smith"
By Robert Smith

November 1985 - Rock This Town (Belgium)
Robert Smith without eye shadow

November 24, 1985 ~ Joepie (Belgium)
"Life is a dream from which you never wake up

Star Hits

12-85 Depeche Rock (France) *
"I Find You Interesting"

December 1985 - Numeros (France)*
"The Golden Age"

December 1985 - Thrasher (USA)
The Cure

winter 1985/1986 - Dangerous Rhythms  (NJ - USA)
Just Words for a Tune - (Article)



8-31-85 NME
LP Review

9-21-85 NME
London Review

Robert & Child

Robert having Fun

Band Picture

Do not buy bootleg Cure items!!

RS needs a good shave & chapstick! 

What a GREAT Smile!

The Blood
Signed by all five.

Perry in 1985!

Band in Frilly Shirts

Robert and Band

France AD

9-85 UK
Inbetween Days Lyrics

Close to Me Lyrics

Robert Picture

1985 (Germany)
ex-Cure Andy Anderson